Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Last Beer.

Well as you know, Matthew is a beer lover. One of his favorite beers has often eluded him. He loves New Belgian Brewery out of Ft. Collins, CO's Fat Tire beer.

They have had pretty limited distribution until about 3 weeks ago when it became available in TN! He was VERY excited!

We had to buy a CASE of 20 oz. bottles in order to get any because that's the only way they sold him, but it was worth it to see the smile on his face as he sipped it! It was his last beer before going dry for 6 months of deployment.

Thanks Fat Tire!


Laura said...

Josh is VERY excited because Matt gave him the go-ahead to drink as much of the beer as he wanted while we were visiting. Now that there's a post about the beer, we're even more excited!

See you soon.

melissa said...

Ooo - Fat Tire! Matty loves that stuff too.

Mashew has a case of Fat Tire on us once he's back.

Whitney said...

"Now Voluntarily Available In Tennessee?" What does that mean? :)