Friday, July 25, 2008

Days Go By.

So I've been doing the South Beach diet to get myself into a heather habit of eating. I have really enjoyed it!

Here is one of my meals from last week: New York Strip, broiled tomatoes with Goat Cheese, and South Beach "mashed potatoes" (actually cauliflower- it's SO yumm!). Who said you have to deprive yourself to eat well?

Here's a lunch from the other day: homemade gazpacho, turkey and prosciutto, and water which Dutch ALMOST claimed for himself.

He was also pretty interested in the prosciutto :)

Here was a little shot of me, Dutch, the cuddly blanket, and Cooking Light...
the only thing that was missing was Matthew!

Dutch loves to sit in the window.

He also really loves to sit behind my computer and swat at the keys and my typing fingers. I often forget that he's not supposed to be on the table, but I'm TRYING to remember. I swear!

So the other night I hear clinking in the kitchen. I walk in, and THIS is what I see:
(I have no idea how he got up there. That is the cabinet ABOVE the kitchen counter)

He can also get up on the washer and dryer. Yesterday we came in to find his little box of canned kitten food dumped all over the place....

Glamour shots.

Fly hunting.


Allison & Noah Riley said...

I love the glamor shots - hilarious!

melissa said...

I, too, love the glamour shots!

And OH (!) the food. You are a genius - the mashed? Where can I find that recipe?

Kimberly said...

I'm so glad you have this little bundle of cuteness to keep you company while MT is gone! Endless entertainment, I think. Loved the SOBeach food too. Looks great! I haven't tried the mashed recipe but I have heard from lots of folks it's really good. My fave shot was Dutch in the cupboard - I can't believe that!?! What a jumper he must be (and opener of cabinets????) Maybe he's one of America's most talented animals??? :)

Whitney said...

He's getting lanky!