Friday, July 25, 2008

Dutch Meets Dogs.

This past week was a momentus occasion for the wee Dutch Teter. He came in contact, for the first time, with a puppy! Only days later, he met another dog, nose to nose! Check it out:

Very cautious...

very poufy and trying to look big and scary.

This is Darby, ready to get to know Dutch!

still cautious...

They got close enough to touch noses and Dutch seemed to relax.
Darby was ready to play play play and Dutch was still nervous.

A little mommy comfort.

And a few days later, Dutch met face to face with Tucker.
He was tentative at first but warmed up pretty fast.

Dutch even rolled over and bared his belly to Tuck. Good dog, great cat... pretty easy going pair! Darby was also awesome. Yay for good animals!


melissa said...

OHMYGOSH - That golden pupsters is OHMYGOSH cute.

Can't wait for Dutch and Gun to meet.

Whitney said...

What cute names for the doggies!

ryann and jeff said...

abbey would love your little guy! to pieces. literally.