Friday, May 30, 2008

Feeling Better About Rejection.

Today I finally girded up my loins and called Vanderbilt.

Leslie had encouraged me to call to find out some feedback about my application so that if I choose to apply again, or if I want to apply elsewhere, I'll have some points of reference for improvement.

The woman I spoke with was very helpful and nice. While she wasn't able to look at my particular application, she did let me know that over 250 students applied to the Graduate Department of Religion, and only FIVE were excepted in ANY program. NONE were accepted into mine. Now... I suppose that means that I just wasn't good enough, but wow. She said that applying to Masters programs in the GDR is actually MORE difficult than Ph.D. programs because each Ph.D. program accepts TWO, while the Masters doesn't have quotas. AMAZING.

So, while it is still a super-bum that I didn't get in, I suppose I feel good that about 245 other people feel the same way :)


Ashley said...

That is pretty crazy, nothing wrong though with making yourself feel a little better.

melissa o said...

Wow. WOW. That is a shocking statistic.

(And Ahem. It is not that you weren't good enough; because you certainly ARE good enough. It's just not what God wanted you to do right now.)