Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I Am In Love.

I am in love with this little guy:

And this big guy! He's opening a bottle of champagne we got to celebrate Dutch and getting settled in our new home! As my father said when we told him we were toasting that night,
"Ah, you are my daughter."

Dutch has a little scratchy board that hangs on the back of his room's door (he's in the laundry room- the one plus (the only one) to not having a washer and dryer is that he has lots of room in his little palace) and when he wants OUT, he has figured out that he can climb up and OPEN THE DOOR. Yep. Our (at this point) 7 week old kitten can open his own door. Here he is hanging from the scratch board, peeking around the door as I open it- sorry for the blur.

He loves climbing in his litter box supply box.

Matthew brining me some bubbly so we can toast to Dutch and our new Bito Drive (funny, right?) address! If you need our new mailing address, just e-mail me.

We also got him this little play thing so he has SOMETHING to climb on. Eventually we'll get him a climbing post, but at this point he's a bit too big for his britches and he tries to climb and jump from too high for his little (now 8-week old as of today- happy birthday Dutch!) bones!

The pounce action shot.

Check out that little belly. He's got gray stripes that go across, and then one white stripe that splits the gray ones down the center- a veritable fur rib cage.
He also has a little gray necklace stripe too :)

There haven't been many safe and good kitty toys, and we wanted something he could wrestle with. Since puppies tend to tear stuff apart we figured this puppy toy hot dog could stand up to Dutch's wrestle mania.

I am pretty sure I look like a haggard beast in ever picture I've posted since we've been here. It's true, I can't deny that I haven't been looking too put together- that's what having a sick kitten, a new home, and no routine will get me! But, with a grain of salt, here I am in my new and first Kansas Jayhawk shirt.

Dutch loves snuggling with Matthew!

LOOOOVE! He fell asleep like this! He was looking back at me and then just fell asleep. Dead asleep! So precious! I am so happy I got this picture.

He heard the click of the shutter on that first picture, so here he's waking a bit.

He loves being RIGHT up in our business. Thankfully so far Matthew's allergies haven't been a problem at ALL to our happy surprise. We're hoping that lasts!

So far he's doing pretty well. He seems to be getting better, but you can see below that left eye is a bit more tightly closed- it is the one that is messed up right now. It SEEMS like it is getting better, so we're hoping! But over all the kid is eating, sleeping, playing, and has adopted a blanket as his bed in the window sill where he is napping now :)

Sorry folks, but you're going to see a lot of this little guy.

Kittens are good for your soul.


melissa o said...

He's such a cute curious guy! I love it! (And especially his hot dog - was that a Matt choice? I love it.)

PS - your pose in the Jayhawks shirt is priceless. I love your fancy stemless glass in one hand, your sorta awkward sideways double-jointed thumbs up and your grin. I LOVE IT! Brought "I miss Claire" tears to my eyes!

Whitney said...

Momma and I just made about 50 "ooohs" and "eeee's". Can't wait to see him! And we LOVE your Jayhawks shirt. You are now officially a Teter! Hee hee!