Thursday, May 15, 2008

Introducing: Kitten.

Here he is!

2 Days ago we adopted this little fella! He's just about 6 weeks old. His mom got run over and so he has been separated from her for a few weeks already, that's why we were able to bring him home so young. He was VERY happy to be out of his shelter cage! He has the full run of the laundry room. We've been advised to keep him pretty much confined to this room while he's so very small, and he seems to like that just fine. He's got a sweet and very tiny little meow, and is very attention hungry- he's a baby afterall!

No name for sure yet, so feel free to suggest your ideas!

He LOOVES his new dad!

He's such a playful little guy!

Ah! SOO cute!

He is definitely a climber.

So very small.

I can't handle how cute he is. I think he's waking up now so I'm going to go cuddle him. Of course there will be MANY more pictures to come!

PS> He's litter trained already!


Kimber said...

Yay for kittens, and housing, and updates!

Whitney said...

To quote Elmira, "I want to hug him and squeeze him and love him..." And I still think you should name him Chalmers. Or Oscar, or Toby. Mom and I were talking about this yesterday.

AMY said...

i love that last picture, so small in such a big bed. i think you should name him something that will remind you of utah (or the general area) but that might get weird when you move back so it should be in "code" (not something like moab or uintah) maybe you should name him moe (you know mo-mo muffin) glad you have a kitty friend to follow you around the house

melissa o said...

OH HE'S PERFECT! (I almost wrot purr-fect but then died in my head from cuteness.)

I love him already!!!

Anonymous said...

I think you should name him Alex Winter after "Bill" of "Bill and Ted" fame.

jules said...

adorable. my roommates and i have a little dog. pets are so fun! so talk about a record post. i wasnt sure if you read back on comments so im just going say everything here.
love the pics and the new place. im so glad you all made it safely and are settling in. i love and miss you!

Ryan said...

hey where are you guys living? you should come to asheville when you have a chance.

ps. nice cat.