Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We Are Scientists Album #2: Out Today!

Hi All,

Remember in March how I asked you to go buy We Are Scientists's (my brother's band for the newer readers) and then you couldn't because it wasn't available in the US? Well.... It is out TODAY!

Today is the US Album release for We Are Scientist's second album. Keep in mind that there is some explicit language- I haven't heard the whole album so forgive my endorsement, but I love their music either way. Use your own judgement, friends. The tracks I have heard are great!

They are on iTunes, and I'm going to hunt for a hard copy today as well. You can order it online at amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Target. Note that Target's price is a good ten dollars more than the others- maybe cheaper IN stores? Also (thank you Sabrina for giving me the heads up on this!) you can check them out on page 72 in the Marie Claire this month (the lovely Heidi Klum on the cover). I wouldn't buy the magazine just for this, but it is pretty awesome to flip through this mainstream mag and see my crazy big bro! Check them out at the grocery or something :)

Anyway.... a real update to come- we'll be able to get our OWN internet today, and we may be getting the newest member of the Teter family-- our kitty! We're on the hunt today!

Let us know how YOU are, and how you like the new album!


Whitney C. said...

I pre-ordered on iTunes, so I will have it when I get home from work tonight. I had After Hours and Lethal Enforcer as myspace profile songs and I liked 'em both a lot, so I've been looking forward today for awhile!

melissa o said...

Post kitty pics ASAP. :)

Whitney said...

Chalmers is adorable. That is what you're going to name him right? RIGHT?! ;)