Sunday, May 04, 2008

Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

We made it!

On Friday we finished the last few hours of our drive and arrived at Fort Campbell. We got Matthew checked in and off of leave (we're hoping he'll be awarded the 10 days permissive leave on Monday which means he won't be charged for those days off) and checked in to the Turner Army Lodging where we're staying until our stuff is delivered. We did our walk through and orientation to our housing and got the keys to our house! We have a garage, a yard, everything!

For the last few days Matthew and I have been visiting our home and acclimating to the area. So far the weather has been absolutely GORGEOUS (minus that really intense rain/thunder/lightning storm Friday night)-- humidity isn't bad so far and we are loving the GREEN and the beauty that is EVERYWHERE here!

The post is SO HUGE. We keep discovering new parts of it. So far we've counted 4 Burger Kings, just as a reference. We are getting more and more eager to move in- at this point our stuff is supposed to arrive on Wednesday and we can't wait!

Yesterday we bought our TV and that will be delivered on Friday. Today we discovered the movie theatres, made an attempt at church (our info was bad and we were an hour late... arg), and sprayed to kill some spidies in our new garage!

We are so happy with our place and this post so far. True, Clarksville, TN is not the epicenter of shopping or cities, but we are enjoying it and it has essentially everything Ogden does (sans Mountains). We've already figured out that Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood,
Shooter Jennings, Derks Bently, and numerous others will be performing in Nashville (40 minutes south of us) in the next TWO WEEKS. People, we are in concert world!

Also, Matthew is VERY happy that Merle Haggard will be performing before he leaves so we'll probably make a trip to see him.

So far we gather that the whole area is VERY patriotic too which is SO neato. Almost every little Marquis and sign says "We Support the 101st. Come Home Safe!" Or something to that affect. It is cool.

Also today we met our neighbors across the street. They walked over and brought us homemade cookies (!) and introduced themselves. They are both very knowledgeable and are going to be great resources and friends! We are happy they came over.

Cathy, the wife, pointed out a few of the other people's houses around, and mentioned that the woman on the corner just lost her husband LAST WEDNESDAY. That was kind of... jarring. A reality that everyone in that neighborhood is all too close to. I dunno, it struck me. I guess that is to say please pray for that woman's comfort, and please continue to pray for Matthew's safety.

I will say that he was an infantry officer. Matthew, fortunately, is service support so he's "the man behind the man behind the fun" as it were.

Anyway, it was SO great to meet some neighbors! We are loving Fort Campbell so far! Leslie and Jesse arrive tomorrow and we'll help them move in and start getting our internet and cable organized at our place.

We'll try to keep you guys posted, but on the off chance I don't write please keep us posted and we'll post as soon as we get internet up in the house! :)

Also... start making plans to visit! And remember that if you come while Matthew is gone I'll love it, but you thereby are contracted to return when he comes back so he can enjoy visitors too! Any time after mid-June I'm here and ready to put you up! :)


melissa o said...

SOOOO HAPPY that the post is great, and the town is great, and the concerts are coming!!

Yay - miss you so much.

(And do go see Iron Man - I was NOT excited to see it, but went because of love for the hubs, and I kept leaning over to Matt and going, "This is so good!" "That was so funny!" "The special effects are seamless!" And Rob D is comedic genius in my mind.)

Joshua said...

I'm so happy that things are going well for you there. Laura and I are definitely planning on visiting you during our fundraising extravaganza, so we'll just need to coordinate that with you. So hopefully we'll see you soon!

Ashley said...

Yeah I am so glad the post sounds nice. Hopefully Thaddeus and I can visit when we are in that neck of the woods.

Kimber said...

Glad to know you got there safely, I was actually thinking about that last night on my way home from the run.
So, what are you thinking as far as the 4th? You gonna be making a trip down to Knoxville? :)

Unknown said...

glad you sound well - miss you

jules said...

so glad you made it safely and that you are getting settled. im in summer mode now, which naturally includes alot of work, but we should plan a phone date. i have lunches usually at 12 pacific time and my nights are all pretty free other than wednesdays. i miss and love you!