Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thrill of the Grill Week.

In on of old B-Fizzle's (Bobby Flay) Thrill of the Grill week, we're posting some delicious grilled masterpieces we've cooked up lately.

Matthew has always wanted to make a "beer can chicken" and so we did last week! Here he is cleaning our little birdie.

I made a delicious dry rub adapted from a Guy Fieri recipe and Matthew rubbed the dude down. Then he got stuffed (well, I suppose SHE got stuffed) with garlic cloves, bacon, and a can of beer! Here she is on the grill.

I love this. For some reason I just think Julius Caesar, don't ask why.
Doesn't the bacon give a Roman or Greek look?

After a while under the top, this chicken is looking well tanned.

Makin' sure she's cooked!

If you don't drink beer fear not. The beer is simply a way to get moisture boiling up into the body. I'm pretty sure you could take an empty soda can, fill it with chicken broth or something else, and do it that way. You don't really taste the beer, just whatever rub you use-- and you enjoy the fabulous moisture!

It was DELICIOUS. We ate it that night for dinner, and then Matthew enjoyed it for two days afterward for lunch! It was cheap, easy, and VERY rewarding. And let me just say the bacon was FABULOUS, but you would easily skip that step :)

Two days ago we made ribs- they marinated for several hours in a homemade BBQ sauce (thanks to Tari Moore for the recipe!) and then baked in the oven for 2.5 hours til REALLY tender. Then we slathered them with my mom's homemade BBQ sauce (I burned the other- woops! live and learn. Plus we love my mom's recipe, and now we have extra for BBQ Chicken we'll make this week!) and grilled them for just a few minutes on each side.

Add some grilled corn, green bean casserole, and a Sister Shubert roll, and you have heaven and a happy stomach! Seriously delicious ribs- and you guys KNOW how I love ribs! MMM!

We've also made filet mignon (the meat you get at military commissaries is FABULOUS), burgers, Hebrew National hot dogs (why would you eat any other kind?), and Bratwursts. HOLY CRAP. So much deliciousness! So there you have our latest grillventures!


Ashley said...

YEAH I love the beer chicken. Thaddeus and I did that once, Delicious!

melissa o said...

Wahhhhhhh! Will you and Matt please come to Minneapolis and cook for me. Bring your grill.