Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Short and Sweet.

Things going on here:

1- Matthew is manifested for a flight June 20. He will most likely ACTUALLY leave the 21 or 22, but please do pray for us as we are inside two weeks of that impending date. We're doing well, but of course it is going to be hard. We are praising God for the community we've found here on Fort Campbell in the Officer's Christian Fellowship group- how encouraging it is to have a support system who can so directly relate to our situation. We are not alone! :)

2- THE TETERS ARE COMING TO VISIT! WOOO! We are so excited to welcome our first visitors to ol' Bito Drive, especially because they are FAMILY! They'll be here Thursday through Tuesday of this coming week, and we are thrilled! (I will be thrilled for anyone else to come visit too- any time! We have a saWEET air mattress now so you'll have a nice bed to sleep on!)

3- Dutch is doing well- always some little health funk, but he's adorable, cuddly, and terrorizing all at once. More pictures soon, including the discovery of his shadow, his reflection, and more amazing pictures in that vein.

4- I have an herb pot! Still working on getting it to flourish, but so far so good. YAY! Chives all the time! Fresh Basil every day! WOO!

5- I am applying for a Master's degree.. again. It would seem my chances of getting in are markedly better than the odds of ol' Vanderhoople, so here's hoping. I've got everything in the works and am excited to get going. Still possible that this is not what I should actually be doing, but I'm feeling excited and it is looking like, barring rejection, I'll for sure obtain my Master's in a few years!

6- Still looking for a job, but we'll see.

7- HAPPY WEDDING TO JOSH AND LAURA! Our good friends the Ziesels were married on June 6! They are honeymooning in the North East (vermontish I think) and I will get to see them in about 5 weeks. WOO!

8- I'll try to update again soon. Tomorrow holds planting my garden (I hope), cleaning the entire house before our family comes to see how we live, and doing laundry including an extra load of Matthew's shirts that have touched the bandaid that covers the injection site where he got his Small Pox shot. It'll be a truly domestic little day, and it should be fun- I take great joy in planting my own garden, and cleaning my own house!

More soon. In the mean time you can feel free to e-mail, call, or text. I feel like people are "giving me time to settle in" when in fact, we are settled, and I'd love to catch up!


Kaytee said...

I hear you on the small pox thing! Glendon got his teh week before we got married and I was terrfied of touching his upper arm during our whole honeymoon even though it was mostly ok by then. :o)
Praying for you guys during the next 2 weeks.

Allison and Noah Riley said...

Glad you're in and settled. Let the calling commence :).

And I'm so excited for your herbs - sounds a little dorky. But seriously. I think I would cook with fresh herbs a lot more often if I had 'em. I think I would grow them if my "plant things and hope they don't meet their death" score was a little more in my favor.

Whitney said...

See you tomorrow!

Kimber said...

Hey miss, did you get my E mail from this week??

melissa o said...

I am seconding Kimber's question - have you gotten my emails?

Love you.