Monday, June 23, 2008

Ode to Dutch.

Well yes, finally I am updating. These pictures have taken a week to load (literally) and that is one reason that it has taken me so long to post. Following this post, probably tomorrow, will come actual life updates.

In the mean time, check out our super awesome Dutch:

This is Dutch still suffering the tail end of an infection in his right eye.
Still a pretty cute one-eyed kit, eh?

His basket.

You can tell these are old because he is about a pound heavier and 4 inches longer now...

His reflection!

Shadows are still quite intriguing to him.

One thing we LOVE about this guy is that he likes to stretch out to sleep.
He's not afraid to bare his belly either- a rare gift from a cat.

In this picture he has tipped over our laundry basket and made himself at home. Perhaps he was also suggesting I do some clothes in our new washer provided by the Teters!

Blurry, but you get the idea!

Though Matthew is not a self-proclaimed cat lover, he cannot resist Dutch.
Don't believe him if he tells you otherwise.

I was preparing something in the kitchen and left the pantry door open. At some point I realize that the shuffling around from the kitten had quieted... and he had disappeared. I looked in the garbage can, and there he was! I took the top off to get a better picture.


This is him under the couch in the fold of the couch cover.

Happily, our family came to visit a few weeks ago! You can see some more pictures on Whitney's blog, but here is Dutch getting to know Whitney's pony tail.

Chillin out, maxin, relaxin, coolin.

Biting, his favorite pastime.

At this weigh in he weighed 2.7 pounds! YES!

Ashley and Dutch, napping.

The Teters love cats, and they loved Dutch! Here is Debra playing with Dutch (on the move) in a Grand Ol' Opry bag.


He thinks he is really sneaky when he skitters along the wall or cabinets...
here he is planning an attack.

Even John got some cuddling in!

Dutch loves to jump. Here are a few pictures of him attacking a tape measure.

This is not a condoned behavior, but I thought it was a funny picture.

This guy has SUCH big feet! We are pretty psyched- I'm hoping he gets REALLY big.

It cracks me up how much he loves to stretch out.

And there you have him! We get such a kick out of this guy... he's getting bigger every day, and he seems pretty healthy these days too!

Thanks so much to the Teters for coming to visit us! It was so wonderful to have family here to see where we live and the post and our life here! You are welcome back any time!

More soon.


Laura said...

My heart goes pitter patter at both the kitty and the update. :)

Whitney C. said...

He is beautiful! I love his coloring. Sometimes I miss having a kitten around the house. I do love the ease of a mature cat, but kittens are just so cute and fuzzy and curious and wonderful.

Whitney said...

He's my nephew! And I love him! I especially love the stretched out pics of his feet. Nice angle!

melissa o said...

Oh Dutchalicious is perfect! I love his rather large feet!