Friday, March 28, 2008


Just a quick note.

Due to a persistant and somewhat alarming pain on the left side of my chest (yeah), I had a chest Xray yesterday. I'm happy to report I had a normal Xray! That is very good news. Frustrating and total lame-age-ness that the true issues remains unknown, but it, after nearly 2 weeks, seems to be improving and I was able to work out at full capacity today without feeling like an elephant was stepping on my heart- progress!

Anyway, thanks for those of you who were praying for me about that! It IS improving. And if you had no idea... well shame on you! Ha, no, just kidding, but now you know as I do... I have one FANTASTIC looking rib cage! Woo!


melissa o said...

Son of a B my friend. Glad nothing showed up on the x-ray, but I am still worried.

Whitney said...

I still think it was pleurisy! My blood work hasn't come back yet for my lil' medical issue but I'll let you two know if anything turns up.