Monday, March 31, 2008

A Good Reminder.


I've been trying to find a job and research possibilities in Clarksville/Ft. Campbell. This has been a bit of a challenge as Clarksville is a fairly small little spot on the map. Fortunately God has blessed me with another woman who will be "left behind" when our husbands deploy to the desert to discuss this with. In the mean time, I've gone back (don't I always? Oh, why!) to examining my many shortcomings as an unemployed citizen these last three months, and how to avoid that going forward.

Fortunately God has helped me, through various reminders, to get a grip and not be so prideful and self-loathing simultaneously. Long story short, one of the reminders most recently was actually this thing I wrote about a year and a half ago. I posted it on another blog of mine, one I'm sure most people don't read, and so in the past I've posted a fiction piece or two, as well as this little rant. Somehow having myself talking to myself about this issue (though focused then about identity as a student) was startlingly helpful.

It is funny how God brings about these little lessons... even from ourselves when we least expect it.