Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dinner and Dessert.

Matthew had a really long day yesterday. I spend nearly the entire day cooking- hehe, well from noon on. I made myself a delicious chicken caesar club with homemade caesar dressing. Then I got started on our dinner: beef tacos!

The meat was browned and then bubbled away in a deliciously spiced stew for about 3 hours. After cooling it shredded so beautifully! Shredded beef in mexican food is one of my favorite things to eat so they were quite tasty!

Tyler Florence wrote the recipe. He has you fry the tortillas which we skipped for ease and fat's sake, and then he makes fresh guacamole. Since I'm the only one who likes avocado I sliced it and put it straight on my tacos. He also makes fresh salsa in a food processor but since the only food processor we have here is an Ikea knife, we skipped that too. He has some sliced cabbage (which I LOVE LOVE LOVE, but you could easily skip. I love the crunch), then I did avocado, beef, and we added cheese (no cheese on his recipe, but come on!).

Anyway, they were pretty delicious and REALLY easy as long as you have the time to let the meato simmer away on the stove for a few hours.

Since MwT had a paper to write and studying to do (he got a 97% on his test today! Woo!) I decided I'd make a recipe I'd been wanting to try that is featured on the cover of Gourmet, March 2008.

Profiteroles with icecream and homemade chocolate sauce. Instead of the called for Coffee icecream I stuck with the vanilla we already had. I made the sauce but since we didn't have cream it was a bit thin (due to the milk) but tasted delicious!

These were SO amazingly easy, I was shocked. They literally took 5 minutes to prepare, and since I didn't have a pastry bag I used a plastic bag with the corner cut out and it worked perfectly. Amazing! My form needs some help, but yay!

Now the finished product- forgive my presentation, still working on all that :) There's a bit of caramel sauce on there too.

Here you can see the ice cream in the middle.
I think these are a GREAT idea for desert if you have company or a party. You can make the profiteroles a day ahead, and the rest is easy peasy!

There he is! Tapping away on the computer.

It was a great night and I really enjoyed everything we ate! Delicious!
Also, we finished off Season 3 of LOST-- NOOO! But really, it is a fun show to watch.
Since we were up we also caught the debut of Season 4 of Top Chef...
looks like its going to be a good season!

Matthew is home now for a few hours since he finished up his test. I'm off to enjoy his presence!


Whitney said...

So excited about Top Chef. But these chef's need to lay off the faux hawks. I'm sick of them!

melissa o said...

Haha. I saw that end look on Matt's face and laughed outloud. That is SO classically Matt "what do you think you are doing?" MAN. Brought back some memories.

PS - come live with me and cook for us.

Ashley said...

The dessert looks delicious.

Allison and Noah Riley said...

And THIS sounds fabulous. I will need to keep Noah away from the blogs of all those who cook, he's going to get jealous.