Monday, March 24, 2008

Guitar Hero.

This past Friday night we had pizza and some friends brought over Guitar Hero. This was the first time Matthew and I had played this crazy little game. It was pretty fun!

Wes is a pro at the game.

Matthew focuses on the game. For a guy with sketchy rhythm, he did a great job!

This is DJ- apparently this is the only face he can make in pictures.

Jon Hinchey.

He's really excited about his Papa John's Pizza.

Going back for more!

Wes enjoying the show.

Me focusing. Apparently I can't smile or look like i'm having fun when I play this.

Exhibit B.

Here Wes gives DJ a tour of his Facebook pictures.
It sounds like we were SO bored, but it was a fun night!

DJ gets his turn with the guitar.

And there you have it! Our little video gaming night! It made me want to try out the Wii- that thing looks so fun!



melissa o said...

Dude - Guitar Hero takes major concentration. My look is usually one of consternation - so you are doing better than me!

Kelli said...

I also just played that game a couple of weeks ago, and it was so much fun. We actually played the rock band and i did better at singing than guitar or drums...WHO KNEW.

Whitney C. said...

We've been having Guitar Hero parties after work some Fridays. I can't stop laughing once I mess up, so I'm no good, but I love watching everyone play.

Allison and Noah Riley said...

Rockers have no need to smile. They are busy woo-ing. I think you woo-ed.

Kimber said...

Ha ha, this is so great. We are actually doing a little contest in our office with Guitar Hero, people are going to pay money to play against another co-worker, and the winners advance to the winner's circle, and then, the top two winners are going to have to compete against each other in front of the whole office. Only, they don't know that yet!! It is going to be great. I personally have never played it, but I am totally willing to give it a try.

Whitney said...

I have to move to the music when I play. I don't play it as much as I'd like but I LOVE it!