Saturday, March 15, 2008


Well after a few days of posting like 3 posts minimum per day, I'm just checking in to say I do exist.

Yesterday I was out and and about all day, then went to a wine and cheese party to celebrate Daphne's birthday (a classmate/friend of Matt's). Today I've been cleaning, cooking, and had lunch with Staci! She made the trek out to APG to visit and do lunch while Matthew had to work 8-8... just one more hour and he's off! Then tonight, if mwt has any gas left, we'll be going out to celebrate DJ (another classmate/friend) and his birthday (which is actually the 17th which is SO COOL!).

This is me from last night- we had to dress up and wear black for the wine and cheese bash. I made some delicious baked brie served with Granny Smith tart apples- mm! Top with an easy red and you've got a delicious little smackerel!

Hope you all have a great Saturday!


melissa o said...

If I may say so, you look FAB. (And thin, in a good way - look at your ARM!)

I am feeling mucho bettero (well, in spurts. I still get the occasional fever and exhaustion, but talk about a 180 from a week ago.) Let's talk soon. Raf comes in on Wednesday - can you do Mon or Tues??


Kimber said...

That is one beautiful lookin lady :)