Sunday, March 09, 2008

3 in 3.

Yesterday we moved for the third time in three month. WOOO!

This is, as of today, the 6th time I've moved in a year. In the next two months we'll be moving out of here, driving back across the country and moving in with my folks for 2 weeks, then driving BACK across the country and moving in to temporary housing, and then hopefully within a few days find a house or apartment to move into. Whew. I have to tell you this is all one big adventure, but I am seriously ready to settled down. If you count my back and forth between New York (which I do because this involves having my life split in two places at all times), then I haven't lived in one place for longer than 4 months at a time since High School. That is to say, I am REALLY ready to sign a one-year lease or buy a house and pack it in and STAY for a while.

Anyway, enough of that rant. Here are a few pictures of our old apartment:

Our bathroom. Our new one is exactly the same, but with a nicer shower head.

This is the shower. Yes, shaving of the legs is quite a challenge.

Our glorious bedroom! We now have TWO rooms with TWO beds- so all of you guys who were waiting for us to get you a bed so you can come and visit- your wish is our command! But don't forget you've only got a month and a day left....

The living area. This is also exactly the same except we now have one long couch instead of a couch and chair and its a fab used cranberry color. Nothing like jewel tones!

Our kitchen. What's wrong here?

Well in there, if you were looking at it in person,
you might notice some green growing in there.

And, as you might imagine, THIS is a problem.

And so, we have the evidence of mold and where we used to live so that, in the future if we are afflicted with mold spores growing in our lungs, we've got proof that it came from a military facility, and we WILL collect, heh. You all are our witnesses.

So, we've moved into a different apartment. It is virtually the same, and the move wasn't too bad, even if it was pouring rain. Thanks to 2 Lt. Turner for our house-warming gift!

The new place's stove, oven, and fridge are all crazy, but hey.... no MOLD!


Whitney said...

WAH! That mold scares the shit out of me! Looks like an X-Files episode! Glad you moved!

melissa o said...

Woh. That is SCARY. (Not sure if you remember, but Matt's old pre-marital apartment had mold problems. I didn't get any pictures though - super smart action on your part.)