Monday, March 10, 2008

What do YOU Think?

Go HERE to read about Harvard's new restrictions in one gym that allow women to exercise without men present due to a petition from Muslim women.

What do you think of this? Apparently it is quite the source of controversy.

Is this a religion issue? A gender issue? Is it wrong? Right? Crazy? What do you think?


Whitney C. said...

Interesting. Doesn't Harvard have a massive endowment? They should build a Women Only gym, lol. Seriously, though, I can see both sides. I personally hate working out w/men, but I would never ask for men to be excluded for certain hours b/c of that. I would probably try to join the YWCA or figure something out on my own before asking for special treatment.

Anonymous said...

I tried looking at the article but it wasn't available. i'll try again later.

Ashley said...

I read the article and it seems a little off base. They said it is one of the three main facilities and their are 12 other smaller facilities they could have done it at. The other crazy thing was they said at that particular gym there are only 60 open hours and six are devoted to only these women. It doesnt seem very equiitable for the amount of men that go to Harvard.