Tuesday, February 05, 2008

VOTE McCain.

Hi All,

ESPECIALLY if you live in Utah... VOTE today! And if you are a reg'd repub and are going to vote, please vote McCain!

If you need convincing call me on my cell. If you don't, go vote for him! And if you vote democrat, make a good choice, because if Romney wins I'll be voting that way anyway! The Cain fam has had some personal experience with Romrom and it isn't good, so this isn't just hype suckas! Plus, McCain has two sons on active duty in the US Military which means he has a vested interested in the military which is ultimately good for you since you're reading this blog and must care about me or Matthew or both just a little bit! :)

VOTE VOTE VOTE! Exercise your rights! Don't be ridiculous!

A more meaningful or interesting or SOMETHING post to follow at some point in the nearish future.


Whitney C. said...

I did, my friend, I did. John and I are delegates for our precinct so we are going to convention on March 1st. I know we won't make it all the way through the process to go to the Big Convention, but it's still cool to be part of the process.

Anonymous said...

I got news - voting for McCain is wrong answer. Putting McCain forward is creating a scenario in which there are simply 3 similar candidates: Bill, Hillary, and McCain.

Nevermind the fact that McCain is a bitter old man who is notorious for a hot temper and being condescending to his fellow Senators, he is reckless and a pathological liar. He is not a debater and would rather claim an opponent is being "mean" than to engage them in an open, intelligent conversation on the issues.

If you're going to vote for McCain, you might as well vote for the Clintons. If the President has to be a two-faced, lying, conniving scoundrel, let it be the Clintons and let those traits represent the face of the Democrats.

God Bless America.