Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Ten Magazines I like. Don't worry, I don't buy these every month, nor am I subscribed to (any of) them. I just LIKE them. Your top three? Do tell!

1) Cooking Light

2) Every Day with Rachel Ray

3) Shape

4) Gourmet

5) Bon Appetite

6) Women's Health

7) Food and Wine

8) Martha Stewart Living

9) In Style

10) Real Simple


AMY said...

i like: fitness (good workout ideas), time (general info), and the smithsonian (for the pictures)

Kaytee said...

I have a subscription to Real Simple and Martha Stewart Living (thanks to Christmas presents) and I love them. I also love Cooking Light but do not subscribe. Oh, and I also love Blueprint. It's another Martha Stewart magazine but less formal and a little more young and funky than Living. Great stuff :o)