Wednesday, February 27, 2008


A few definitions of the word super:

1.admirably fine or excellent; extremely good.
2.sumptuous; rich; grand.
3.of a proudly imposing appearance or kind; majestic: superb mountain vistas.

  1. Of unusually high quality; excellent.
  2. Majestic; imposing.
  3. Rich; luxurious.


Closer look:

Yes, I love this guy! Hermann! I mean, clearly he is a beautiful petit chat, but he is also extremely smart. I used to say that he was a dog stuffed into a perfect little kitten body, mais non! He is purely feline to the nth and delightful degree.

If you've met him, you know what I'm talking about- he's just magnanimous, fabulous, hilarious! And boy, is the guy friendly!

If you haven't met him, I'd like to tell you the latest Hermann tale. There lives a bidet in one of the bathrooms in the house. It doesn't get used for its natural purpose but exists to complete the European style bathroom in which it makes its home. My mom was walking by this bathroom and heard a little tinkling of water. Worried that there might be a drip or leak, she peaked in. What did she see?

HERMANN. Not doing something a little kitty shouldn't -- marking his territory or anything so base-- rather he was perched atop the bidet relieving himself. Perhaps inappropriate fodder for a blog except my friends let's remember this is a cat!

So, what does it all mean, you ask? Simply this: the cat has learned to pee in the bidet.

I, personally (what else?) find this fantastically high-minded of him, and am in no way surprised at his cultural revolution.


I miss the little guy so much, I haven't seen him since we left Utah, obviously. I'm in animal withdrawal. In NY I got to check in on Gilbert and Sullivan once a week or so and here- nothing! Once we get to Ketuck we'll be kitty-kaddy shopping ourselves.
I can only hope for half the cat that Hermann is!


AMY said...

my puppy just learned how to drink from the toilet - not as cool as Herman

Whitney said...

I love Hermy! I love kitty's but kitty's don't love me. *sigh* I become possessed with the spirit of Elmira whenever I see one. "I'm going to love you and squeeze you and pet you..." Bad new for cats.

Kimber said...

Heh, I wonder if Kel would let us have a cat if it were as smart at Herm.....