Thursday, February 28, 2008

Academy Award Style Review.

Since everyone else has, I thought I'd weigh in on the ol' Oscars.

First, I think overall the awards were all well chosen. I'm not sure I would have chosen the ice queen for best supporting actress (I have problems with people who can't get the American accent perfect when they are playing an American), it is a bias I suppose, but other than that I thought the ol' Academy did a great job awarding the golden baldies.

As for the fashion, I think overall people looked great. I know nothing about fashion, but I know what I like so here are a few opinions.

Renee Zellwegger looked like she was on something. Her hair is almost cute, but it looked a little haggard and it was really pretty weird how she kept grabbing her hair. The dress was ok but I feel like she wears this dress every year.

I'm just not a fan. I guess she looks good, but I'm not a huge eggplant color type gal.

Yay. I thought she looked great. Funky shoulder loop, but pretty.
I like her "old Hollywood" approach.

I love Kerri Russel but I didn't like this dress. When I first saw it it struck me as the muslin pattern for the dress, not the dress itself. It was all a bit monochromatic for me.

GORGEOUS. First of all, this woman is beautiful and her makeup and hair were a perfect match. The dress was so unique, fit her perfectly, and I really wanted to TOUCH it, it seems like it would feel neato. Top it off with a French accent, I'm sold.

I like her. The sleeves were were weird but I think they actually looked neat and were a clever way for her to have sleeves without looking matronly. The material for the gown is so rich!

I think she looks great. She looks very feminine and
I think the dress itself is really unique and pretty.
Winner! She was my favorite! I'm already a fan, but I think her hair, jewelry, dress, and MAKEUP were perfect! I loved the smokey eyes and light pink lips- so pretty! She looked beautiful and I loved her reaction to the Gary Bussey moment... yipes! Go Jeniffer.

Yay! Love her. I like the color with her eyes and complexion, and I think its unique and interesting without being weird or making you say "huh." I also love that when Marion Cotillard won she cheered instead of making an uneasy smile like others- she was genuinely excited for her even though she had personally lost. Classy gal.

Yipes. I know being 20 changes the rules a bit, but this just seemed like a real schlumpy choice. I think its great she went for something different, but I think it missed the mark. The hair was blah too, but I've never been a fan of curls glued to your head.

Fab, of course. I love the part that swirls around her neck! The bust part is a bit weird- feels like it has some extra material though I know it doesn't since it was made for her- just not my favorite part. She and Seal looked awesome together and I love that she said "No one" when she was asked who she was excited to see. "Who else do I need to see when I'm here with the love of my life?" That's a good answer!

I like her. I kind of wish the dress was black because this color seems strange but I'm not huge on hunter green so what do I know? I've liked her since Drop Dead Gorgeous and it was SO gutsy of her to perform! Go girl!

I like her and think she's pretty (in a Julia Roberts way- anyone else?) but this one kind of looks maternity. Its unique and she looks great in red, it just wasn't my favorite. The fall of the fabric is reall pretty though.

Nice dress but ... didn't she wear this... 2 years ago or so? I like her hair OK but it still feels a little blah. I think the color is pretty but I tend towards the bolder colors so its not great.

And there you have my totally uninformed and useless opinion. :) I like the Oscars!


Whitney said...

Whit and I texted back and forth through the entire ceremony with comments like these. I however, cannot stand Hilary Swank, and Cameron Diaz is living proof that people should not go tanning! I loved that French chick's dress, Keri Russell's, and Jennifer Garners (but her hair looked messy) and Helen Mirren's. And that Javier Bardem guy looks pretty good when he doesn't have a Dorothy Hamill cut.

Laura said...

Whoa, a new look! My world is rocked. Not only does today only occur every 4 years, but now Claire's blog isn't pink. Whoa!

:) See you tomorrow!