Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pictorial: H-ing Out.

Here are a few pictures from a few weekends ago h-ing out with some of the dudes in Matthew's class. Good times!

Hinchey of New Jersey, Lee from Mississippi.

Barker of Atlanta.

Matthew of Utah.

Wes of Alabama (an Auburn boy! And his last name is Turner - weird.
We're probably long lost cousins or something).
In this he'd just begun his cheeto-stuffing contest he challenged himself to.

More cheetos.

The focus.

Lots of 'em in there.

Matthew watches, unamused, unimpressed.

It was a fun night. The next day we went to the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. I'd love to say there's a post coming soon but unfortunately there's not... we forgot our camera! Ugh! But we'll be back, we loved it there!


Whitney said...

You naming all the guys reminds me of Forrest naming all his fellow soldiers. "There's Tex....I don't remember where he's from"