Thursday, February 07, 2008

One Week!


I know a lot of people REALLY hate this holiday. That is why I'm writing this post. No- not to convince you to like it. I see that it is a big-time money-maker for Hallmark and the like, but I'd like to challenge you to look at it in a different way.

I know many single and non-single folk who hate the holiday. Whether because it is famously "Single's Awareness Day" or because of the commercialism and materialism involved, I get it! You hate it!

But here's why I don't. All of my childhood Valentine's day was not only a special time when my creative skills were utilized to their fullest extent through the production of my Valentine mailbox (made of my latest shoe box, of course) and the accompanying notes handily crafted by yours truly, it was also about something else. Silly enough, it was about love.

My mom was so good at making ALL of us feel special. On Valentine's day she usually gave me some cute little stuffed animal, or often a new little pair of heart-themed socks. These material things weren't what mattered (though of course I loved them too). It was always about how much she loved us, and how it was a special day set out to remind those around us that we care for them. It wasn't about whether I got a valentine from Peter Burkes or Ian Anderson, it was about our family, our dear friends, and the more abundant love we've received from God, too.

I recognize it pushes some of us (if not all, depending on our expectations) to feel lonely or sad or annoyed. I'd challenge you, this year at least, to consider using this day to tell the people you DO care about (family, friends, fabulous boss, childhood pet, and so on) that yes, you do care about them. Perhaps its silly, and please don't think me preachy, but I think we can turn the day into something more than Hallmark cards and kisses beginning with Kay if we express love, and appreciate the love we receive.

So there's my little rant. If you decide to hate Valentine's, or if perhaps you've been hating it for all too long and can't go back, that's alright. But please do know that if you come in contact with me that day I'll be happy, excited, and I'll probably tell you I love you (if, in fact, I do). I've loved it since I was a little claire, and now that I'm a big Claire, I still love it. And yes, I'm pretty psyched that it nearly directly coincides with my 6-month wedding anniversary and will be the first Valentine's day I've spent within 2,000 miles of my significant other EVER.

Enjoy! Happy Valentine's day in a week!

Alright.... stepping off that soap box now....

Also... whether you love or hate it, I'd love to know what you'll be doing! Last year I went to a place called Rodeo Bar (is that is Megan?) and had margaritas with Megan, Stephanie, and Jenn in the middle of one of the City's biggest snowstorms of the year. Who knows what this year holds! Wooo!

(*Cue Helen Madden saying "LOVE IT" and falling off her chair)


Kimber said...

Ha ha, what is so funny about this post is that Kelli told about a dream she had about a week ago that I came to her and told her that I didn't want to celebrate Valentine's day, very seriously. I told her that I didn't want any reminder of it,and she kept trying to persuade me because she loves me and she is my friend, and I just kept telling her no. That, truly, is NOT how I feel at all.
And, I found out something really funny today, that along with Valentine's, next week is also "National Condom Week". Those two go greatly hand in hand, ha ha!

Whitney C. said...

My mom always did really cute, special things for us on Valentine's Day, too, so I've always loved it. I loved making things with paper and glitter, I loved eating heart shaped pancakes for dinner and washing them down w/some strawberry milk, I loved wearing any combination of pink, white and/or red to school, and oh, of course, the little conversation hearts. And I love all of that still. :) I do miss making a mailbox and handing out Valentine's...I suppose that's not PC in the workplace, lol.

melissa o said...

I giggled outloud when you said Valentine from Peter Burkes or Ian Anderson... Those were the days we spent drooling over Ian and his superman t-shirt under his collared shirt at your 8th grade graduation and my obsession with Peter after the Halloween party.

I love V-day too, and I hope our boys have something planned. Let's compare notes after next weekend.


Kaytee said...

I love Valentine's Day too and think it doesn't have to just be about romanitc love. For years, my middle sister and I were each other's Valentine and we would send each other candy and cute underwear in the mail. She introduced me to my first G-string. It was awesome.
I too have never spent a Valentine's Day with Glendon (and we've been dating since 2004!) and won't be able to this year either because he is TDY in Louisiana (dang it!) But I guess it works out because I am flying to California on Valentine's day to visit my old Valentine, my sister (and her husband and baby boy). So I guess it all works out. Oh, and I'm glad you finally get to be with Matthew on the big day! Yay!

Anonymous said...

Even though I'm celebrating "Single Awareness Day" this year, I too am a true Romantic at heart. I have loved this day since my mom and i created my first Valentine card box in Kindergarten. It was PINK and it was Beautiful!! I think what i love most is that my daddy always made sure that i knew that i was his valentine.On a final note, how can you sa NO to a holiday where its official colors are PINK, RED & WHITE!!!

Whitney said...

I love that I work with kids on this day. I get to experience Valentine's Day the way I loved it the most. I get to make the little Valentine's box and send out Valentine's. LOVE IT! (Helen Madden) Hee hee!