Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Hi all.

Just a quick update.

1) We are on post housing and no longer living in a hotel! This is a goodthing.

2) Last night we had margaritas at one of Matthew's friends' apartments... it was great to have some healthy social interaction!

3) I interviewed for a temp agency and it went well. I am currently waiting for assignment. I'm struggling with not being "productive" but also relishing this time of freedom in a strange way. Mixed emotions of course.

4) Am starting a Wilton Cake Decorating course tomorrow at Michael's to occupy some time and need for creativity. Should be fun.

5) Just read the "Twilight" series. Thoroughly enjoyable despite the juvenile writing level, and also made me feel like I should really think of a story line, write a novel, and become a famous author. No?

6) Matthew is kicking some a and taking some names in his classes. People seem to know him as the quiet, put together, punctual, prepared dude. I'll take that! He's finding some of the classes interesting, some boring, and overall pretty happy I think. We've got a good little routine going, and I don't mind seeing him in his uniform every day too. Something about the beret....mmmm...
All right... going to pick up the Civic from its doctor appointment (regular check ups folks!). More to come- comittment to more faithful blogging hereby stated.


Allison & Noah Riley said...

I'm glad to hear you had a similar reaction to Twilight that I had... don't get me wrong: good storyteller, pageturner and all... but I wasn't exactly hanging on every word. And I don't think I should be finding typos in a best seller. I think Shakespeare would be bummed that Stephenie's book caught on like it did...

kelli said...

YOU have no idea how HAPPY I am that you enjoyed "Twilight". I'll get us t-shirts later. YEAH, now you can join the KIM & KELLI TWILIGHT CLUB. It's PRETTY AWESOME!!! Love and miss you and matthew tons. Send him my love. HUGS!!!!XOXOXOXO