Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Dash days.

Here are a few pictures of the Dash:

Dash and his Uncle Matthew.

Dash and Matthew played in the pantry.
One of Dash's favorite games is "where did Dashiell go?"

There he is!

Where did Dashiell go?

There he is!

Quick break for some ice.

Dash's blanket, "washy", is under in Matthew's tummy!

Dash and the Christmas tree.

On the horsey grammy and papa got him.

so cute!

Such a cute little guy. There's no way I can describe his ridiculous vocabulary. I'm not lying, its like no other 2-year-old vocab you have ever heard. Witness on the comments if you've met him recently.

Checkin things out.

Holding his violin.

Getting ready to play. When he wants to do something he'll say "Shall we play the violin?" rather than "I want to play the violin." ADORABLE.

Matthew playing with the camera. It was so nice to be in snowy weather,
but inside warm by the fire!

Dashiell sat down to play his violin- but like a guitar.

Very serious.

At one time he exclaimed "right here, right now!"

But attention can often turn quickly to other things, such as books.

And then back to the violin. You'll notice the mandolin behind him. He often likes to switch instruments between songs.

Shall we go edit the road trip pictures?


Ashley said...

Yeah for all the pictures. We shoveled all day yesterday. We got about 20 inches here and Salt Lake only got an inch. Craziness