Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Made it to Maryland.

Hi all,

after four long days, Matthew and I have safely landed in Aberdeen, MD. We're currently living in an extended stay hotel which is essentially a studio apartment minus oven. It has burners and a fridge and all that which is great. We're here until the 26th and will most likely be moving into the on-post housing at Aberdeen Proving Grounds which will be similar.

Tomorrow Matthew is reporting since his leave is done as of tonight at midnight. He'll find out what his responsibilities are until his training officially starts here on January 6. While he's gone I'll probably do a more extensive post with pictures (which, honestly, primarily consist of signs since we drove our butts off- nearly literally- and didn't take time to dilly dalley about seeing 8,000 pound prairie dogs, even as much as I wanted to wow that was a run on sentence).

So... more soon. As of now key things to know:

1- I have plenty of time to talk on the phone- call, text, e-mail: I WILL respond. If you e-mailed me just before or during the trip, I will respond asap.

2- I don't know how mail works here, so I'm refraining from giving out an address here until further notice.

3-If you have ANY desire to come to Maryland feel FREE! We're here until April 15.....


jules said...

horray, im glad you made it safely. weve been praying for you.
kelli and have been spending quality amounts of time at your house in attempts to distract your family from your absence. we miss you.

Allison & Noah Riley said...

Yay - I'm glad you're there and safe! And I hope it's the start of a great four months!

Staci said...

yay! you're in maryland and we're going to the blast game tomorrow night! woohoooo!

kelli said...

Hi friend, I'll call you on tuesday morning while driving to work. I love you and miss you both!!! HUGS!!!