Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Christmas Pictorial.

Pictures! Not as many as we should have taken, but hey... take what you can get!Christmas day night with Kimmy, Jay, Jayson, and me. Check out how stylin these boys are!

Aw. Look, we're green and red! And we didn't even plan it!

So attractive!

Cheesey with the tree behind me!

Kim, Jay, and baby Douglas, Todd and Denise's newest addition!

Doug loves Jay!

Doug loves wrapping paper...

Ma and Da.

Grace with her super sweet pink cowboy hat!

Yesss.... more paper!

Jayson with his super sweet Volcom jacket.

There he is! All growed up!

Jay got excited when he saw his gift :)

Dash and Doug give high-fives!

Ian and the Dash.

Doug up high!


SNOW! Apparently it is snowing there all the time.
My mom said there were 8 inches in the driveway this morning! I miss it!


And there you have the magnificence of our Christmas pictures!


Miss W said...

I laughed that you and Matt wore "christmas colors" and didn't plan it because John and I have a habit of showing up to places separately and we'll be matching or wearing the exact same thing.