Monday, March 26, 2007

Staci's Birfday!

Last Thursday, March 22, was Staci's GOLDEN Birthday!

We had dinner at Heartland Brewery and Staci and I had the Beer Journey. 6 5oz glasses of different beers to try, very fun! The food was good too!
Here's Staci, peaking through the PuPu Platter!

Staci and Sabrina!
Claire and Laura!

Staci got to wear this halo for her birthday. And the boa.

So cute! And here she is with her birfday cake!

Staci with Carly (check out the girls on that babe!) walking in the citay...
to the next of several stops.

Hope it was a great one, I certainly had fun!
Love you Staci! Here's to next year!


Ashley said...

Yeah I love all the updates and I am so glad your surgery went well. Are you getting Senioritis yet? You are so close to being done. We are going to be coming back to Utah some time the middle of May. Yeah, we will have to do lunch.

melissa o said...

Go Staci - it's your birthday. We're gonna party like it's your birthday.

Hah. YAY for STACI!!!

Matthew said...

Are you sure Staci doesn't have like 4 birthdays a year? I swear you all celebrate her b-day more than once a year. My dad ordered a Pu Pu platter the other day and of course he said poo poo. Thats your future father in law for ya.