Monday, March 26, 2007

Little Dash.

Got to visit Ian, Elizabeth, Dash, and Myrita (E's Mom) on Saturday, so great to see them!

Here are a few pictures- not great, but hey, can you really complain after I've posted like 6 times in two days? I think not!

Here is the Dash!

Ian, new haircute and all. I really love this short look!

Clapping! YAY!

He can also answer the question "what does a doggy say?" and "what does a cow say?"
I know you all know the answers to those questions, yes?
He also has some super sweet new dance moves, and the motor skills are,
of course, improving by the minute!


melissa o said...

Oh my GOODNESS. He is so cute.

Matthew said...

Hooray for improving motor skills! I remember those good ol days of just lounging around, pooping your pants, being feed every meal, and everyone just looking at you waiting for you to do something. Those were the days. Only 70 more years and those days will return.