Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring Break.

Matthew and I went to the Eccles Art Auction in Ogden over spring break. It was fun to get all dressed up and go out. We sat at a table with my parents, Kim and Jay, the Senekjians, and the Colattos, very fun. We found some art we liked but none we loved, and none we wanted to shell out much money for, heh.

Here's a close up:

I always have to ruin pictures like that... sorry:

And here is a long shot so you can see our outfits... fabulous!
Always feels so great to dress up with that handsome man!

It was a great time.

We also got to ski on the first Friday of the break. It was SO wonderful to go up and actually get warm while skiing. Things were fine at the beginning of the day but progressively got hotter and thus slushier... it was ice cream skiing by the end of the day so we called it quits.

Being the genius that i am, I space my camera, and so I have no photo-evidence that we went... but Scott Jackson can testify, he boarded with us. It made me miss my favorite Boarder, miss Julie :)

The week was filled with wedding stuff (we got the invitations figured out, had some good lunches at the Market Street Broiler, I tried on my dress!) that all culminated in tasting the food at the conference center and cake from a cake lady.

The Conference center had some great ideas, and we are really excited... though the day of it was REALLY overwhelming... lots to think about! The cake was SURPRISINGLY good and I'm no longer morally opposed to wedding cake, though I am opposed to the prices... heh. I guess, I've been told, there's no way to avoid it.

Don't worry though. For all of you rooting for berries... there WILL be berries!

The surgery went well, and thank you to those of you who prayed and called, texted, e-mailed. It was great to feel loved that way, and thank God, it was an extremely fast (surprisingly so) recovery! Doing just dandy now!

Below is the post about our St. Patrick's day part that we had the 17th. It was a great party, and we had so much fun reuniting with friends. Allison and Noah stopped by and it was SO FUN to see them! They are such a beautiful couple! It was so exciting to see them- we always have to steal time together whenever we can!

And so... I think that is a pretty decent update on the whole spring break thing. Lots more happened, of course.. lots of fun dinner dates with Matthew, shopping, time with both sets of parents, friends, and more.


Matthew said...

It was so fun seeing the room that we are going to have our reception in. I cannot wait to marry you!

melissa o said...

Duh-nuh-nuh-nuh!!! So this is the type of update you are talking about, right?