Sunday, March 04, 2007


As you can read on Matthew's blog, he and I are headed to live in Kentucky after our 4 months in Maryland starting in January 2008!

He received his orders yesterday and we've been learning about the area ever since! It is right on the border of Tennesse, and Fort Campbell, where he'll be stationed, is actually in both Kentucky AND Tennessee. We'll be about an hour from Nashville which we hear is just fantastic, and we're excited to live in a place we...well... never would have chosen to live ourselves!

I hope you all gear up to come visit! The adventure continues!!!


melissa o said...

Will you be close to family in Alabama??

Atleast you are closer to MN than Utah or NYC is...

Matthew said...


Laura and John said...

By the way, Claire, I read Matthew's blog on moving to Kentucky and I think WE should like to be the first to visit and take him up on his offer ; ) We're so excited you guys will be so close!!!!

Whitney C. said...

I've driven through Kentucky a few times and the parts I saw were very pretty. Very green.
Also, is it wrong that I want some fried chicken everytime I read or type Kentucky?

Beth said...

Well, as bummed as I am that you won't be in NC, being near Nashville will be FAR cooler than being in Fayetteville. You should still come to our writers' conference, though.

Laura said...

i have realized that when you and matt are geographically together, neither of you update. does this mean there will be no updates from may until october (right?) when matt has that training? and then after that, there will be virtually no updates for life. :(
missing you and hoping utah is fabulous!

Alecia Whitaker said...


Go to Corbin - birthplace of my husband and Colonel Sanders... though not in that order. You can "Eat Where It All Began" as they say.

Also, I can't believe you're moving to my HOMELAND! Keeneland is a blast. You'll love it. 3 weeks in April and 3 weeks in October. Of course, I prefer the spring cause it's nice to be outside after the winter and there's all the excitement of the Derby coming up!

AH AH AH AH AH! I can't believe you'll be living in Kentucky!

How much more do we have to catch up on????