Friday, March 23, 2007


Today I assigned to myself the task of revising (or beginning to revise) one of my fiction stories.


I love writing, and I love revising. But STARTING is painful. Ha.

I love looking at the stack of hundreds of sheets of paper colored with responses from my fifteen classmates and professor. I LOVE that this class is all workshop and feedback and "I loved this" and "this is totally lame and cliche." I love that there is no formality to the comments, that they are honest and harsh when needed, and they value words. I love it.

But now, here, I'm using the blog to procrastinate. I watched a bad Ben Affleck movie, ate lunch, and now have read through all comments. Next stop is the slicing and dicing...woohoo!

Just checking in.. there you have it!


Dr. Russell Norman Murray said...

Thanks Claire, I can email or mail a questionnaire to you.


Beth said...

Is there such a thing as a good Ben Affleck movie?

melissa o said...

(To Beth - Ever seen Forces of Nature????) :)

To Claire: I must say - since I didn't receive an email back form you, I assume that you went to work on the revisions. GOOD FOR YOU!!

Can't wait to hear how the night out on the town was.

PS - I am reading the "Nanny Diaries" I think you would really like it.

Whitney said...

Ha! Beth stole my comment!

Alecia Whitaker said...

1. The class sounds awesome.
2. I'd love to read your work.
3. Miss you!
4. Are there any GOOD Ben Affleck movies? (besides Good Will Hunting)

Laura said...

Good Will Hunting!