Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cap and Gown.

Hi everyone!

I know i have LOTS to update on. And yes... I'm bad at updating while home on breaks.. but I'm better at it over the summers! And I promise to make a valiant effort at frequent updates post graduation especially!

Now.. this is a quickie to say I'm back from spring break in Utah today, and though I miss Utah and Matthew, I am glad to get back into the routine and a little closer to May 10 (graduation!).

Today I recieved info on commencement. I ordered my graduation tickets and my cap and gown.... SO surreal! I got pretty excited, especially when I realized that 7 weeks from tomorrow I graduate from Gallatin and 7 weeks from Thursday I graduate from NYU! WOOHOOO!

So there's that. I promise pictures and stories and good times to come.



Matthew said...

4 years of work coming down to just 7 more weeks! Hooray!