Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Mandatory Civil Service.

Today we had a debate (in my Public Service class) about whether there should be a mandatory 1 or 2 year program for all people after they turn 18 (so 18-19 or 18-20 years old) that would require them to serve in an Americorps type program. To find out what Americorps is, if you don't know, go here.

So.. what do you think? There are pros and cons to each debate- don't forget that. It would increase civic engagement (studies show...) it would increase voting turn out, civic skills, job success, etc. But... it might be taking away 2 years of liberty a high school student has longed for! Anyway... just thought it might be an interesting one to put to the group... chime in!


melissa o said...

I don't think it should be "required" so to say, but strong encouraged. You will have the kids who will go and get nothing out of it and will not make any effort to make themselves or their community better above what they HAVE to do.

But I think community involvement should be strongly encouraged - and TALKED ABOUT PROFUSELY in school. Period.

I'm not sure. I could argue both sides of the issue, but me personally? I wouldn't have wanted to be made to do Americorps out of high school.

Goooooood debate my dear. Awesome.

Matthew said...

Those hippys should all get haircuts and join the army