Monday, April 10, 2006

Advice for Your Week: Happy Dance.

Well hello!

I have emerged from my homework-hole to tell you this little snacket of advice! :::

I have a friend who, every morning just after waking up, does the happy dance.

You know, the happy dance?

Like jamming out to himself, usually to no music, looking like a TOTAL idiot!

Why, you ask? Because this gets him OVER himself. It helps him remember he's silly, can't control every little thing on earth, needs to relax, and physiologically creates endorphins that chemically make him HAPPY.

I was telling E this last night and she suggested that I put it up on the ol' Blog. And so here I am.

So, next time you wake up on the "wrong side of the bed" get up, do the happy dance, and get OVER yourself!

It's pretty fun, just trust me. Nothing like a good laugh at yourself in the morning to get ya ready for a monday!


melissa o said...

I LOVE that idea. That is freaking awesome.

Let's make it our mission to continually get over ourselves and realize that it's not about us.

I love you! (And I am praying for you!)

AMY said...

hey claire, i found your blog from melissa's which i found when she left a comment on mine, which she found on kimbers. anyway, my sister does the happy dance all the time, it is hilarious. i hope you're rockin out in NYC. come visit my blog, because it's new and i am so excited about it!
see ya

jules said...

i love dancing way more than i love mornings sometimes so it sounds like a good plan... i definately need those reminders sometimes!