Monday, April 03, 2006

Input is Needed!

Hey all!

Things here are good besides the rain, but as they say, April showers bring those pretty May fleurs, so all is well.

What I need your help with, dear friends, is this: What is my major?

Funny, I know, that I don't even know what my major is. But more than that? Slightly depressing. I am facing registration in my immediate future, and sooner than that is my discussion with my advisor about my progress towards graduation and getting her clearance for registration. These are all good things minus that tiny little incy wincey little factoid I like to refer to as cluelessness. Ie, MY cluelessness in terms of my concentration.

Let's break it down:

So my concentration IS my major. But my major is something that I have COMPLETE control over. I am not pre-med, english, bio, linguistics, psych... I'm individualized. This is great, and cool, and fun... but I DO have to decide. So what I've been telling people for the last 6 months or so is that I'm doing "Italian, Writing, and Public Service." Well that is really neato, but how do those things relate?

See, instead of writing a thesis, I will have a colloquium. This is a 3-4 hour conversation about my concentration in which I choose 25 books that tie in to my concentration and then hash it out with my advisor and 3 other profs. Basicallly I justify my education. "Italian, Writing, and Public Service" isn't going to cut it: I need a STATEMENT, and I need to know how those things tie in.

So... what I'm currently grappling with is... what is my concentration? And more specifically, what classes am I taking next semester that are going to further my education in some kind of valuable direction? I've been brainstorming a tiny bit (in class tonight, mostly) and I have come up with these very vague ideas:

-How do people engage with their communities?
-How religion motivates service and/or writing

Those are two ideas. Neither of them is super great because they're pretty nebulous and out there... but that may give you an idea of where I'm going with this. I know that none of you can really say what I should do since you have no idea what I'm ACTUALLY doing out here, and what classes I'm taking etc... but if anyone has any good ideas in terms of THEIR college experience, what they find practical in the work place, or even what they think I MIGHT be interested in... lay it out there. I'd love to know. I'm looking for input from all angles here.

I know I've been kind of needy in terms of responses in terms of "what am I doing with my life" (which, thus far, only Kimber has obliged me with!! And many thanks to you for it!!!), but I really appreciate it and I am happy to reciprocate!

Also... if you are one of several people to whom I've not spoken or heard from in say... 5 days... please contact me. Paranoia is setting in, you know how it goes.

Love you all, thanks for reading... hope you'll comment! Thanks in advance!

--Confused College Girl, out.


Anonymous said...

I would say, just simply from a non-bias observer perspective looking in to the situation in a rational manner, that you would probably be a double major. In the subjects of Matthew and Love. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

if the previous comment was absolutely no help at all. please understand that while he means well he never went to college. I'm working on that with at the moment.

Kimber said...

I thought about this a LOT during my second year, just because of the fact that I knew I wanted to work with children, but teaching just didn't seem like something I was meant to do. I wanted to work more one-on-one with families, not just in a classroom setting. That's why I decided to concentrate on family studies and counseling, because that would give me a chance to what I really wanted to do.
With all that, my question for your statement is this:
Are you considering taking Italian to eventually visit there again, since it is one of the major religious areas of the world (where the disciples spent a lot of their time)? And if so, I think those things would tie in VERY well with each other. To study their culture, how they view religion (being catholic, right?) and how public service takes place in their society.
That's all I got miss, what do you think?