Thursday, April 27, 2006

Livin' on Borrowed Time.

Hi all!

Well today is a gorgeous one! I got to start it out at breakfast with my dear Megan friend! I have loved getting to go to breakfast with her! Again, quickest way to this girl's heart is through the first meal of the day :) Like father, like daughter, I suppose!

I had a tour this morning scheduled for 11:00. I got there, and there were only 50 people in the session, and we had 6 tour guides! So three of us left.. including me! YAY! It was great to have that hour and a half back that I didn't expect! And on such a agorgeous day!

I know I've been missing adventure pictures etc! Staci and I are going to dinner at the Shake Shack (just SOUNDS fanastic, doesn't it? mm... shakes....) so I'll be sure to get some photo documentation of that!

Well! That's all I got! Make sure you go vote for Keith for sexiest vegetarian again, keep voting so he can win! (link on post from 4/21 called "Do this now!").

Have a GREAT Thursday!

PS> My Italian project is complete and performed and finished! My Public Service paper is handed in! Go team!


melissa o said...

I miss you. Come home.