Monday, May 01, 2006

May Day, USA!

"U-S-A! U-S-A!"
I hear the chants of thousands of immigrants chanting USA from the park outside my window. As crazy as that can get- always hearing SOMETHING from my window- I'm going to miss it.

Today is my last afternoon to spend listening to the sounds of Union Square. I've lived in Union Square basically all 3 years here at NYU (minus a stint in Florence, of course!), and it is going to be such an odd change of scene!

The great thing is, I'm moving to a neighborhood. I won't be in a square anymore, but on a real live street in New York. Not that Union Square isn't fantastic, because it has been great and I'm going to miss it, but I think it will be pretty great to have a change of scenery, a change of feeling when I walk down my street. We'll see.

Anyway... things are getting packed up, slowly but surely. I'm shipping only one box home, which is nice. Tonight I have my last class-- finally! I have an 8 page paper to turn in (well, an epic poem... and no, you can't read it, it is the WORST thing I've ever written, bar none!), and I'm going to have a little in-class debate that 15% of my grade hinges on. Needless to say I'll be happy when the game of this class is OVER and I can relax! Tomorrow I'm running the rest of my stuff (that upon which I'll be sleeping this evening!) to the storage space, grab one last meal with Eliz and Dashy, and then be off!

OH... and I got a confirmed upgrade! MWAHAHHA! I highly recommend being a medallion flyer! YESSSSS!!!!

Anyway... I'm off. I have pictures to post and all that jazz, but in all honesty I bet that won't happen until after this saturday, when work hopefullly slowls down a bit. But maybe tonight, I dunno..

Ok, I'm done talking!


melissa o said...

I am emailing you back (another day from hell..I am getting sick of these!)

HOORAY for my Claire comign home! I am so excited to see you...


AMY said...

see you when you get here, i can't wait! it will be good to have lunch like we used to, but different. haha, love ya,

Kimber said...

You come home tomorrow, wahoo!!!

You wouldn't happen to have kept any of your Italian books, had you?

Ashley said...

yeah it is such a good feeling to have school be over.

jules said...

yesss i love that finishing feeling... its so refreshing! i hope that you enjoy your last day in NYC and that you get home safely! i love you bunches!

Thaddeus said...

Hello stranger. When we are all in Utah we need to get together and do something. Just out our blog about a BBQ on the weekend on June 2nd. You must come and enjoy! Ash and I need to come and see you in NY before you are done with school. I have never been to the big apple. See you in a couple of weeks in U-tah.

Thaddeus said...

That's "check out", not "just out". My brain is fried. I just finished a 3 hour exam.