Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Out of It.

I've been out of the blog loop lately.

I do have pictures to put up here, and I'll do that soon, i hope. But if not I'm about to head to vegas, and the cutest baby on earth is coming to town, so I'm sure I'll have many more pictures after the coming week.

In case I'm a bum and don't get to updating more in the next crazy gauntlet of days, this is my schedule:

5/30- Dashiell and Eliz come to town!
5/31-Off to Vegas with Matthew, Whitney, Whitney, and Jesse! Cheesecake Factory here we come!
6/1- Weird. June..... and We Are Scientists at the Celebrity Theater at the Flamingo Hotel in Vegas!
6/2- Home from Vegas.
6/3- Barbeque with the Minnesotans! (it's the saturday, right? Or is it on the 2nd?)
6/5- Big fat meeting at work!
6/6- To Alabama for wedding number one of the summer! John, my cousin, is gettin' hitched! Nothing like southern heat...
6/11- Home from Alabama.
6/13- E and D head back to NY. Julie comes home?
6/16- Red and White Wine Soiree!

And that's all for now. The next date on that list would be the oh-so-sad day that my Matthew leaves for LDAC. But Let's not talk about that for now.

Anyway... to entertain yourselves in lieu of my horrid post, go check out we are scientists (.com) website and be amused- there are some video clips of interviews, etc etc on there... enjoy!


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