Wednesday, May 31, 2006

You Don't Even Know.


My nephew MAY be the cutest child on the planet. (or... he IS.)

I know, I know. Everyone says their baby is the cutest. But he is DANG cute. I have to say my older nephew was a SUPER cute one too... must be the genes!

I do, however, feel that this may curse me with a scary, alien-like baby who people refer to as "a sweet spirit" rather than an adorable child.

Happily I tell you that both of my nephews have sweet spirits and super-sweet genes that make them look like they are destined to be heart-breaking young chaps.

I'll post some pictures of the Dashielly Dash when I get back from Vegas. And I realize I haven't had hardly any pictures of my dear Jayson either, so we'll get some of those on here so you can meet him more formally- he'll be headin' to Alabama so I'll have a small child to terrorize... mwahah! Oh wait...

Anyway... had caffeine this morning, rearing its ugly head... you know the drill!

Have a GREAT hump day all!


melissa o said...

Cutest baby EVER!

I am waiting on baited breath for pictures!