Friday, January 01, 2010

Recap of our Fall for your perusal.

The big 2-5 was this year! It was great to celebrate my birthday with Matthew this year!
He spoiled me :)

Lots of cooking items, including these fabulous little mini cast iron pans.

Hooray! A French rolling pin!

Aristocats with my little beasty aristocat.

Dutch is a good little helper.

HOORAY! My first stainless steel pan! 10 inch french skillet.

We had a great low key birthday this year. We did dinner with the Cragwalls at a local Japanese place we like that weekend, and had a great time!

Fast forward a few weeks, and we arrive at Thanksgiving. Here below you'll see the rewards Matthew reaps when he buys me cool kitchen stuff.

Breakfast skillets!

We did dinner just the two of us this year-- we like being able to cook our own food and it definitely takes off the pressure, though I do hope to host people in the future.

Our Turkey breast
(we do a breast because even the smallest whole turkey is way too much for 2)

We had a great meal, and I learned how to make cornbread from scratch in about 5 minutes when I realized I had doubled the amount of sausage I used in my cornbread stuffing recipe and didn't have any mixes left. So... we got moist turkey, great casseroles, and some excellent stuffing in the end!

For dessert I made a new recipe of pecan pie and decided I definitely shouldn't have switched, and I made an absolutely FANTASTIC chocolate pie this year. It doesn't look like I took any pictures of that, but I plan to make another one soon so I'll post pictures then.

And so, there's an idea of our fall, at least to some slim degree!

Oh! And here is a cake that Matthew's soldiers got him a cake for his going- away party. Matthew is now the Executive Officer in a new Battalion and company, so his soldiers from his old platoon threw him a surprise pizza party and got him a cake and a few other joke gifts. It was great to see they cared for him and were sad to see him go-- I'd say that's a good indication of his ability.

(too bad we forgot to take a picture before we started eating it...)


Whitney said...

Yeay for your birthday and yay for Matt being a good leader type guy!