Friday, January 01, 2010


Pictures from the last 4 months are forthcoming.

For now, here are my New Year's resolutions for all to see and ask me about through the year. No really, do it!

1) Journal! I started my first journal in 2nd grade and didn't miss more than a week until I graduated college. After college, and just before marriage, I stopped, and haven't really written in a journal since, which makes me SO sad! So I'm getting back to it for a multitude of reasons:
a. to have another outlet in which to flex my writing muscle-- a less specifically "creative" outlet, but still the written word.
b. to catalogue what happens in my life so I can look back and see what God has done-- it is pretty cool to look back on those first 15 years of journals!
c. to focus in on each day-- it seems when I've been writing consistently, I remember better. I want to remember this time!
d. etc.

2) Work out consistently! This seems to come up for almost everyone almost every year. For me, I'm hoping to establish a good pattern. I did well the first four months of 2009, but after my surgery in May I was thrown off. I recovered for a while, only to start my busiest semester yet and have my gym close. I still managed to show up a few times a week, but this year I'd like to try new things (spinning!), and tone up. I have a specific number in mind (body fat percentage) that I'd like to meet, and you can ask me about that in another venue if you'd like to know! Don't worry, no crazy crash diets, just good old fashioned calories in vs. calories out business.

3) Try new recipes! This isn't a stretch since I do often, but I'd like to stretch! I don't have a clear vision here, but I know it is a goal, if a vague one. I know I want to try to use some of the fancy kitchen tools I've accumulated over the last few years. We'll see! Pictures to come, I'm sure.

4) Finish my Master's degree! As a friend pointed out last night, this is kind of built in. But still! Not guaranteed, so I might as well put it on here.

5) Aggressively submit one scholarly article and one creative piece for publication (at minimum). This is my "professional" goal, along with (ideally) improving as an instructor. But publishing is key, and it is high time I get crackin.

6) Find some source of income (ideally teaching) after graduation.We are going to punch our debt in the face this year, just watch!

7) Be a kick-ass Army Wife, even in my husband's absence. This year is going to be a challenge-- we'll begin our first year-long deployment. It will be challenging, but I know God equipped us last time, and I know he will all the more this time. It is, of course, easy to be positive now as we're about 6 months away, but why not be positive? And I might as well give you all advanced notice so you can start planning your trips to visit me (note: it will be easier for you to come here than me to come to you: see resolution number 6).

8) Challenge myself spiritually. I've had a decent routine, but that's it. It's time to step it up here, people! Any good studies you've done lately would be great!


10) Be joyful, in all things! Whatever comes this year, whether the hard things we can anticipate, or those we can't yet see, I want to be joyful.

I think 10 is enough. Probably too many, but once I get thinking about all I want to do, it tends to get out of hand! Happy 2010, hope to see you at some point in this schnazzy new decade!


melissa oholendt said...

Love you. I'm here to support you and encourage you. Foooooo real.

AMY said...

Claire! great resolutions! i also start making a list (soon to be on blog) and end up with a long, much too long list. i have a few similar to you -one is to finish an article and submit it for publishing. also the working out consistently thing. i'll keep up to date on how things are going with you, new years is so refreshing.

Megan said...

I love resolutions! These sound like some great ones!