Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week 5.


Last week went mostly as planned, though we didn't end up ordering pizza. Instead, I made ribs, chicken wings, AND potato skins. And yes, we're both planning to work out extra tomorrow. Yipes! Also on Friday I added a blackberry cobbler to our Stout stew and it was a nice cozy ending to our snowy day. Sunday I did pork with some leftover wild rice I had from the chicken and rice casserole, some roasted carrots (the other half of the bag that went in the stew), and for some reason made mac and cheese because I saw a picture of one and it was FANTASTIC.

Monday: I'm going to make some baked chicken, sauteed spinach, and we'll have some leftover macaroni and cheese I made Sunday night (and HOLY crap, it was good. Go HERE for recipe).

Tuesday: OCF- I think we're having sandwiches.

Wednesday: Matthew is in charge, and has been asking to have his mom's tater tot casserole. I have consented, against my better judgment. Hehe, no, I think it will be good, though BAD for us. I'll put that together during the day and he can toss it in the oven when he gets home from work!

Thursday: Burger night! We haven't had one in a while and I'm having an uninspired week so voila!

Friday: Valentine's dinner at church- no cooking at home tonight!

Saturday: Calzones or pizza... we'll use stuff we already have, and I'll make the crust.

Sunday: Super bowl! Gotta be Chili.

Happy cooking and eating!


melissa oholendt said...

Um. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMGOSH, the mac and cheese. I am SO making that this week. Ridic. RIDICULOUS. (thank you) :)