Monday, January 18, 2010

Week 3.

Well here is the menu for this week, about which I'm less than excited, but at least there is a plan.

Monday: Ribeye Steaks, spinach, potato.

Tuesday: OCF: Lasagna, salad, etc.

Wednesday: My only night (!!!) of classes this semester, so Matthew will only be throwing things together once a week (or dishing up crock-pot sludge, as it may be). Wednesday he is making ham and a few sides of his choice... we'll see what we end up with :)

Thursday: Battalion FRG meeting, including dinner! No idea what will be available, bit if all else fails, we'll polish off some leftovers.

Friday: Omelets and a light salad for me, potatoes for him (most likely... maybe sweet pots?).

Saturday: Italian Beef Sandwiches-- a shareable meal, and something Matthew has been craving.

Sunday: Something with chicken. I have no inspiration yet.

So last week we kept to our schedule for the most part. We got takeout last night so we bumped the steaks to tonight, and otherwise it is pretty true to what was planned.

This week there are no new recipes either, but I'll have to take an appetizer or dessert for Thursday and I'll make that a new one. I'll let you know what it is and if it is any good!


melissa oholendt said...

What to know what I had for dinner? Soup. Comelivewithmeplease.