Friday, January 01, 2010

Grandpa Teter's 90th!

On the 28th we headed to Russellville, Arkansas to celebrate Matthew's Grandfather's 90th birthday! We got to Arkansas just about 7 hours after we left Clarksville-- it was so nice to travel that journey in our new car!

On the first day we visited the Teter farm, formerly Matthew's Uncle Jerry's farm, now his cousin (Jerry's son) Brian runs it.

Below are Aunt Dianna, the oldest of the Teter siblings, Brian Teter, and John!

There was a SUPER cute little baby farm dog named Buckets who charmed us all. Whitney had to get her puppy loves in!

Here is Jerry, the middle Teter child, and his granddaughter (Brian's daughter). Adia is quite the farm girl-- she runs with the dogs, knows how to feed the calves, and has incredible aim with a snowball!

We loaded up into the back of a pick up to head up to the field to feed us some cows!

This is the life for a dog! Running around on tons of property, harassing cows, swimming through ponds...


Whitney faces off with the cows. The guy on the right is Norman, an elderly and friendly cow she has met before-- he's several decades old (I think). That's what you call prime aged beef.

Hmm, wonder if they're related...

When Whitney was a tiny one, and Matthew was yet a twinkle in his father's eye, she printed her foot into the cement outside her uncle Jerry's chicken house. Here she is, back again, with a rather larger hand print to compare. Her cousin Kevin, the oldest Teter cousin, is next to her (and was, so many years ago, too).

Here's John, patriarch of the Utah Teter branch, posing at Teter Lane.

And this might be the best part... the sign for Booger Hollow Tabernacle. Incredibly, this area of Arkansas is called Booger Hollow, properly pronounced "booger holler."

The second day of our visit we had a fantastic time looking at old pictures of the family and grandma and grandpa Teter's younger days. We heard lots of stories and it was a very sweet time. That evening was Grandpa Teter's 90th birthday celebration. We went to Pearl's, a local restaurant that the Teters know and love. The restaurant made all the food from Grandma Teter's recipes, just the way Grandpa likes it!

Whitney was trying to get Matthew to smile... success! But the results for her were cruel...

Grandpa was served his favorite homemade cake.

He invited us all back for his 100th...

A friend bought him 4 scratch and win cards, with which he was fairly delighted. Grandma had to get him back on track with his cake and ice cream, but not before he won 20$!

Family pictures.

Three generations.

No resemblance at all, is there.

Grandma Teter and her first granddaughter.

There we are! My hair looking weird, but there we are.

Whitney and Matthew again.

Ashley, Matthew, and Whitney.

Ashley, Matthew, Debra, and Whitney.

Ashley, Matthew, Whitney, John, and Debra.

And there we are, Ashley, me, Matthew, Debra, John, and Whit.
We had a great time! It was so great to meet the rest of the Teter extended family and see the grandparents again. We fully intend to be back for Grandma's 90th, and Grandpa's 100th!


Whitney said...

Thanks so much for taking all these pictures! I'm stealing copies of them all. Glad you got to see the other side of the fam. They all loved you!