Sunday, January 10, 2010

What's for Dinner.

In an effort to be inspired by you all and to keep myself accountable and excited about planning meals, I'm going to post what I've got planned for dinner each week on my blog.

I started last week and it went really well! So here is last week's menu (items with stars indicate new recipes):

Monday: Leftovers from the Sunday before :)
Tuesday: Orange and red pepper glazed shrimp with rice*
Wednesday: Chicken picatta, sauteed vegetable cous-cous, salad.
Thursday: Red wine braised beef short ribs*, chevre polenta*, sauteed spinach, homemade herbed bread*.
Friday: Philly cheese steak sandwiches.
Saturday: Buffalo chicken pizza.
Sunday: Chicken and portobello mushroom Parmesan risotto, and salad for me.

For the coming week, this is what I've got planned:

Monday: Baked pork chops with glazed carrots, and probably spinach since I've got some.
Tuesday: From now on, our Tuesday dinners will be at Bible study, so I'm off the hook! I will be making some homemade no-kneed bread, so that's my new recipe for the week.
Wednesday: Shrimp and penne arrabbiata.
Thursday: Baked chicken with Bobby Flay's signature spice rub that Whitney gave us for Christmas!
Friday: Baked potato bar.
Sunday: Ribeye steaks with some kind of sides.

Last week went well. My goal is to try one new recipe per week. So far last week was great, but this week I'm trying to have a smaller grocery bill, so I'm using things we've got in the freezer or pantry. Other than the bread, I won't do any new recipes, though I'll probably improvise the shrimp dish which I guess kind of counts.

Anyway, the point here is that I'm doing well so far, here at the beginning of week 2 of 2010, but I need help and ideas! The Recipe Co-Op has ideas, but not always things Matthew will eat, or that work for a quick weeknight meal. I'd love to hear your ideas-- whether you post them on your blog and tell me you did (since I've been terrible at checking blogs lately...), or post them (at least WHAT they are if they're simple, or some part of the recipe if they're more complex) in the comments.

If nothing else, if you guys aren't interested, my blogging what we eat (or plan to...) will maybe help me make better weekly menus!


Leslie said...

If you want to try our sausage bread recipe, let me know (sausage, motz. cheese, spinach) or maybe make a calzone with ingredients you both like for something different. :) You could always do a fancy burger recipe (Rachel Ray has TONS of good turkey or regular burger recipes). Maybe that might spark an idea or two - lots of time to think these days! :)

melissa oholendt said...

That's it. I'm moving in.

Anonymous said...

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TheConnorClan said...

I need pictures please! It all sounds Sooo YUMMY!