Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sometimes They Make Me Feel Like This:

I also committ to be an educated voter in November 2008. You can ask me about that as we go along and make sure I don't wuss out on that.

That is all.

Friday, January 19, 2007


Good Morning everyone!

I read a quote today in Sporting Goods Business, (a national
publication going to outdoor retailers) I thought you would all be
interested in. To set it up they were interviewing Tom Berry the new
President of Salomon and one of the key people we gave site tours to
few months ago.

“SGB: Why is Salomon USA relocating to Ogden, UT??

Tom Berry: The Mountain is the single most important reason we chose
Ogden. From Main Street, you look up to some of the best skiing in the
world. Ogden has significant resources for all mountain sports:
hiking, snowboarding, alpine and nordic skiing, kayaking, climbing and
mountain biking. That authenticity, plus the affordability and
infrastructure required to run a mid-sized business as well as access
to a major airport, clinched the decision. Ogden is somewhat
comparable to Boulder 30 years ago, the difference being Ogden’s
proximity to world class skiing. It’s affordable, has a major airport,
a great level of infrastructure and is only 45 minutes from Salt Lake.
It has everything a mid-sized, $100 million business needs.

It is very cost effective in Utah, we’ll be able to attract and
maintain employees who want to live in a mountain town. It’s a
university town with diverse business. The team in Utah has the goal
of transforming Ogden into a leader in the high-adventure recreation
business, a hub for the industry and participants. We want to create
an environment where experts want to be.”

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Death of a Phone.

I'm probably the only Razr phone owner who is bitter about having a Razr.

Didn't want a razr. At all.

But just now, in the excitement of engagement photos and Conan O'Brien tickets (see blog below!) I dropped and consequently decapitated my now dearly departed phone.

No repair possible, and since my plan isn't up for upgrade til April (though I've had the same phone for over a year and a half.... this is rare for me, oh cursed phone owner-just ask Staci) I payed out the nose for a phone I have no desire to own. The alternative was a dinosaurish beast of a phone....

So if you are interested in purchasing this razr from me round about April 5, I give you good deal. Let me know... I'll keep 'er in mint condition fer ya.

A lament for my ol Samsung flipper.

Dear Samsung Flip,

You really were a trip
I liked you a lot
and you hit the spot
when I needed to make a call
you could do it all-
but none of that v-cast craziness,
I don't need nunnadat business
just want to talk or text
but not this razor doth vex
and i'll mourn the loss
and the super 'spensive cost
and remember the best phones among
my dearly departed samsung. *



I am so excited!

Davina, our photographer, but our engagement pictures (her selected favorites) up on her blog!

Go HERE to check them out!

Also, I just booked Conan tickets for when Matthew is here- SO excellent!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Pictorial: Winter Break.

Hey all!

Here are some pictures from the break! I always think I'm going to tell you lots of stories to go along with them, but I really never do. So sorry about that- enjoy the minimal captions provided, at least.

The Herman with the Wisemen.

Dash and his Papa!

On Christmas morning, Dash in a box!

Claire, Elizabeth, Kelley, and Gavin in the Gondola on Family ski day!

Ma in her helmet and Da- so cute!

The menfolks... Gavin, Matthew, and Ian. It was perfect- there were 8 of us,
and the gondolas hold 8 people, so we had our own gondola each time.

Dabin. He's special.


Matthew and Ian- not the best shot I suppose.



Matthew! I love this picture- so cute!

Gavin and Kelley eating at the newly named Kobe Beef Steak House,
formerly of Dai Enko Tai fame. I love this place, and we all sat at the table and had
a great time with the tepanyaki food and sushi and sake etc etc etc!

Ian and Gavin.

Elizabeth, Ian, Gavin, and Kelley.

Jayson, Jay (growing the hair out, ain't he pretty?), and Kim.

Claire and Matt- we were pouting cause we were on the end.

But we were still having fun!

Us again. I totally ruined that one.

Kelley playing with the claws with Dash's ball. For some reason this was hilarious.

Aw, more skiin'!

Us at the end of the family party night, where we were toasted for our engagement! It was great- thank you so everyone, especially Ma and Da, for the fun party!

Us again- just tryig to get a good one. Melissa pointed out that my senior picture is like a little angel on Matt's shoulder. Heh.

Closer in. Ooo.

This one looks like we're actually having fun, but its a bit blurry, but I like it so its there,

Jayson and Ma (or Grammy as the grandchillins know her).

On the mountain at Snowbasin. We hadn't had snow in a while so the background is more
brown than white, but I still love it up there!



I got in 10 ski days before I left, and hope to ski at least once over spring break!

I'm so glad we all got to ski together!

Here is Dash with Elizabeth and Julie, the all-star babysitter! I love the little suit he's wearing- it just so happens I bought it for him! hehe!

Anyway... it was a great time over break, especially the week when Gavin and Kelley were around. Matthew bonded with the peeps and got to know everyone better, and I had a great time laughing at my crazy brothers Dabin and Een as they are affectionately known.

Right then!


Last Semester!

Hi all!

Just wanted to leave a little note saying I made it!

I'm back in the city- and as it is rainy and gloomy, I'm not sure which is better- single digit temperatures like in Utah, or New York gloom.

Either way, I'm back, and Staci and I are heading to get some brunch and catch up on our month apart, and then I'll be back to post pictures and all that jazz.

Hope you enjoy MLK day- go read a speech of his and be inspired!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Big Year.

I have yet to make any new year's resolutions. I'm not an impulsive resolution maker though; I usually formalize them all by the end of January. May seem silly, but it usually works out best if I can really commit to things instead of dreaming things up that I know I won't follow through with.

This is going to be a big year.

Last semester at college.


leaving new york- a city with which i've had a love affair for over a decade.

getting my first job (maybe).

Marrying the love of my life and best friend, Matthew.

Going to Jamaica!

Moving away from home for real.

Leaving Utah for an undetermined time.

It should be wonderful, and terrifying. I was reading Laura's blog and realized that though I know lots of what will happen over the next year, there's still so much that is unknown. I can't help but feel this sense of overwhelming excitement bubble over when I think of the things to come, and yet there certainly is a dose of trepidation.

I am SO looking forward to this semester. I really am more excited for it than I ever have been for a semester- even Italy (mostly because I didn't know how freaking amazing Italy was going to be- but you know). I'm excited about all of my classes, excited to see Dash and E and I more, excited to have Matthew out to visit in Feb. I'm psyched to get my colloquium done just about 4.5 weeks from today (AHHHHH!!!!!), to keep planning details of the wedding, to have other friends come visit--? I'm excited to hang out with with friends, have brunch with Staci (and just live with the girl!), do Yoga, cook, and do the things I want to do in New York before I bid it farewell. It's going to be wonderful. It's so odd to be at this point- staring the last semester in the face.

I'm sitting here with my back to the fire place typing away as the first good storm we've had since I've been home (Oh, how I've envied you, Megan!) makes the air outside shifty white. I love Utah. I've skiied 8 days and I love it. Everytime I'm up there--8,500 feet up there, to be approximate-- I am amazed at the beauty of the mountains... there is truly NO way to convey their majesty- and what I love best- the way they speak of their Creator's majesty.

My dear Staci has returned safe from Israel and I can't wait to see pictures and watch her face light up as she tells me about all of her adventures and thoughts- I'm so honored I get to hear the details!

I thought about you who were at Urbana- I hope it was wonderful, and I'm sure it was! I can't wait to hear about it, and about the Edge Corps Preview some of you'll be at... soon? Not sure on that timing.

I think I"m just babbling. But here's the deal. Things are good and have been good. I'll get pictures up and narrate in more detail, but for now I just want to say that I'm highly optimistic about this next year. I've had a great 2006 and I know 2007 will be wonderful too. A challenge to myself is to be refined- be better than I was before, and not consider only the things I call 'good' to be things that shape me positively.

I miss all of you- you Minnesotans, you transplant New Yorkers, you Pennsylvanians, you North Carolinians, you Coloradans, you Baldimorians (heh), you Loganites, you Ceder City kid.......All of you! It has been great to see those who I have over this break, and I can't wait to reunite with the rest of you SOON!

Love, and more to come,