Friday, January 19, 2007


Good Morning everyone!

I read a quote today in Sporting Goods Business, (a national
publication going to outdoor retailers) I thought you would all be
interested in. To set it up they were interviewing Tom Berry the new
President of Salomon and one of the key people we gave site tours to
few months ago.

“SGB: Why is Salomon USA relocating to Ogden, UT??

Tom Berry: The Mountain is the single most important reason we chose
Ogden. From Main Street, you look up to some of the best skiing in the
world. Ogden has significant resources for all mountain sports:
hiking, snowboarding, alpine and nordic skiing, kayaking, climbing and
mountain biking. That authenticity, plus the affordability and
infrastructure required to run a mid-sized business as well as access
to a major airport, clinched the decision. Ogden is somewhat
comparable to Boulder 30 years ago, the difference being Ogden’s
proximity to world class skiing. It’s affordable, has a major airport,
a great level of infrastructure and is only 45 minutes from Salt Lake.
It has everything a mid-sized, $100 million business needs.

It is very cost effective in Utah, we’ll be able to attract and
maintain employees who want to live in a mountain town. It’s a
university town with diverse business. The team in Utah has the goal
of transforming Ogden into a leader in the high-adventure recreation
business, a hub for the industry and participants. We want to create
an environment where experts want to be.”


melissa o said...

Ahhh - so it's public now?

Yay! I am glad that Ogden is becoming the "hot" place to move your Corporate headquarters...

Gives me plenty of reasons to come back one day.

Ashley said...

Thats funny Mel I could of swore you just told me the other day you never ever would want to go back there. lol

That is awesome for Ogden though, Hopefully they wont move too much stuff in and raise the housing prices before we get back!

Sarah said...

ya for utah. we're finally on the map...

jules said...

i always knew Ogden was slightly underrated. i sure do miss those mountains...