Monday, January 15, 2007

Last Semester!

Hi all!

Just wanted to leave a little note saying I made it!

I'm back in the city- and as it is rainy and gloomy, I'm not sure which is better- single digit temperatures like in Utah, or New York gloom.

Either way, I'm back, and Staci and I are heading to get some brunch and catch up on our month apart, and then I'll be back to post pictures and all that jazz.

Hope you enjoy MLK day- go read a speech of his and be inspired!


Whitney said...

I feel bad I never really got to say goodbye! I realized it once we were out of my parents neighborhood. Oh well I'm sure you'll be back in a few weeks! :) And I'll be out there in April! I had a crazy dream about Ian. We were all in a restaurant and he kept driving this empty stroller around. And he was wearing a Kelly green Member's Only jacket. Wierd.

jules said...

im glad you made it back safely! ill call you later this week. i have a tuesday night class so well have to work something else out...
miss you and i love my boyfriend!